Task 1: Consolidate AS skills

Please use this booklet for a quick review of basic skills needed to continue into year 13 Maths A level.
The solutions are attached.

Task 2 and 3: Problem solving

Group Round Senior Maths Challenge

If you enjoy a bit of a challenge and you want to develop your problem solving skills attempt the problems attached from the Senior Maths Challenge 2007.
The round lasts 40 minutes and 6 marks are awarded for every correct answer. Find the answers for tasks 2 and 3 below

Cross Number

40 minutes to solve a mathematical crossword puzzle. This is normally done in groups of 4 for the Senior challenge but it still can be done in pairs or independently for practice.
Each correct digit is a mark

Answers to tasks 2 and 3

Follow the link below to find more resources and information about the Senior Group Maths Challenge