C2 Solomon Worksheets

Algebra and functions

Algebraic division, the factor theorem and the remainder theorem

The factor theorem and the remainder theorem − further questions

Coordinate geometry


Circles − further questions


Increasing and decreasing functions and stationary [[#|points]]

Maximum / minimum problems

Differentiation − further questions


Definite integrals and the area under a curve

Area under a curve − further questions

Numerical integration − the trapezium rule


The sine rule and the cosine rule

Radians, arcs and sectors

Radians, arcs and sectors − further questions

Trigonometric ratios and graphs

Trigonometric equations

Using trigonometric identities

Trigonometry − further questions

Sequences and Series

Geometric series

Geometric series − further questions

Binomial expansions

Binomial expansions − further questions

Exponentials and Logarithms

Laws of logarithms

Laws of logarithms − further questions

Exponential graphs and using logarithms to solve equations