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Bridging the gap to A level day 4-5/07/2013

This is the 2nd year we run and induction for year 11 going to year 12. All the resources are available to all students who want to get ready for the course even if they do not attend these days. We prepared this page to give you a better chance to be successful in A level maths.

Bridging the gap Booklet

Aims of this booklet :Some students find the transition from GCSE to AS Level really tough so in order that you make the best possible start to the course, we have prepared this booklet.We wish you luck in your GCSE results and hope to see you eager to learn in September.All students will be expected to complete this ‘Bridging the gap to A-Level’ booklet over the summer holidays.The aim of this booklet is help you understand A-A* GCSE work, which is the foundation of the maths you will be studying at A-Level. It is vital that you start your A-Level course with a thorough grasp of this work as we do not have enough time to cover it during lessons. For each topic, there are explanations and worked examples. There are also questions for you to complete with answers in the back to allow you to check and correct your work.You will be assessed on this A-A* work at the start of term, and you need to gain at least 70% to pass.If you do not pass the assessment, then you will need to redo it having done some revision in between the two resits. You might be asked to spend one hour after school every day until we are fully satisfied with your level of understanding, to ensure you are ready for the start of the A Level course.


Video tutorials

Reference in Mymaths
Mymaths C1

Expand brackets

Algebraic Manipulation
Simplify, factorise and
Rearrange the formula in one lesson
Algebraic manipulation C1

Linear equations
Algebra- Equations Linear
Linear Equations
Equations with fractions

Simultaneous Equations
Inrersection of two lines
Algebra- Equations Simultaneous
Simultaneous Equations 1
Simultaneous Equations 2
Simultaneous Equations 3
Simultaneous Equations Graph Solution

Factorise 1 - HCF
Factorise - Grouping
Factorising quadratics
Factorise linear
Factorise Quadratics 1
Factorise quadratics 2
see above C1 algebraic manipulations

see above C1 algebraic manipulation

Factorising quadratics
Use the quadratic formula
Complete the square
Solve by completing the square
Quadratic Equations
C1 Complete the square

Multipication Rule 1
Multiplication Rule 2
Negative indices
Fraction negative indices
Fractional indices
Simplifying with negative powers

Simplify surds
Combine and simplify

Gradient of a line segment
Equation of a line

C1 y=mx+c
Chapter 10 Inequalities (coming soon)

Solve inequalities

Solve linear inequalities in C1
C1 Linear Inequalities

Answers to all Chapters